In the circle of life

Knowing ourselves and remembering who we are continues for all our lives.  We transform ourselves but we don’t end.  What we start continues in the life of those who follow us, in our people.  As carriers of  the heritage of “Western white man,” it is our responsibility to restore balance with our indigenous brothers and sisters of the world, after so many years of colonization, death, and oppression.  The only way to heal ourselves is as equals in the circle of indigenous peoples of the world, recognizing our own roots and indigenous identity and facing the shadows of our own forebears.  When we can do this, we are opening the way for a new world and a new time.  May the readings of this work serve as an inspiration for the reader to ask, “Who am I? Who my people?  Who are my ancestors?”  … and as a motivation to remember the answers.

– Part of  the Introduction of the Thesis " In the circle of life"  by Marcela Sabin, Submitted in Partial Satisfaction of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Liberal Arts in Creation Spirituality Concentration in Indigenous Mind.  ©December 2005