Circle of Ancestors is supporting this great event !

Listening Circle & Fire Ceremony with sacred Staff of Unity & Arapaho Elder,

Clan Mother Rachelle Figueroa

1976958_399769733517696_8477199464236846315_n   March 7 & 8, 2015

Circle of Ancestors is so honored to support River Rose and dedicated Elder, Clan Mother Rachelle Figueroa, and the Sacred Staff of Unity for a special fundraising event to support the critical work of Morning Star Foundation (MSF), an indigenous Inter-Tribal organization dedicated to the preservation of Native/Indigenous people and their Traditions, Elders, and Ceremonies. We acknowledge the profound blessing of learning from and receiving the wisdom and/or medicine of Native/Indigenous and traditional elders who have made dedicated efforts to sustain and uphold ancient knowledge despite many threats throughout the course of history across the globe. This fundraiser gives us a practical opportunity to give back to some of our living elders and support the ongoing efforts to preserve and uphold indigenous peoples and their knowledge globally and especially across Turtle Island.

Join us for a workshop including a Listening Circle and Fire Ceremony with teachings and traditional song offered by Clan Mother Rachelle Figueroa, to raise funds towards the ongoing work of Morning Star Foundation. Do not miss this special opportunity to receive healing & pray with the Sacred Staff and support the necessary preservation of knowledge from traditional Elders on this very rare visit to the SF Bay Area! I have been blessed myself to sit with this Sacred Staff on several occasions now and can testify for the powerful healing of her presence. The Staff has been carried only by women since leaving El Salvador, and has been traveling around the globe to provide healing far and wide, and receive prayers from people from many corners of the Earth so far. 

Clan Mother Rachelle is welcoming you to come with an open heart and an open mind! ♥

Dates & Locations:

*Saturday, March 7, 2015, 6-9pm, Oakland or Berkeley CA (specific address TBA)
Listening & prayer circle with the Sacred Staff.

* Sunday, March 8, 2015, 12-4pm, (specific address TBA upon registration only)
Listening circle, Fire ceremony with Sacred Staff for personal and community healing, traditional song offerings & teachings from Unci Rachelle, and a group potluck. Please bring a dish to share with the group. PRE-REGISTRATION IS NECESSARY FOR SUNDAY’s EVENT.

Suggested Fee:

$20-$50 pre-payment suggested donation
$30-$60 at-the-door suggested donation

** It would be greatly helpful to us if you pre-register for these events. Email: in order to do so, and you will receive instructions about online donations. THANK YOU!**

$30-$90 pre-payment, suggested donation fee
$40- $100 day-of payment, suggested donation fee

** This is a fundraiser. ALL proceeds go directly to Morning Star Foundation & supporting the knowledge, lands, and livelihoods of traditional indigenous/native elders, their sacred sites & ceremonies, and the preservation of our Earth. This fee is NOT for the ceremony and teachings. Your generosity is appreciated & encouraged to support this important work.**



Clan Mother Rachelle Figueroa (Oyate Wi Ca Yu Wita Winyan/She Who Gathers the People) is a Clan Mother of the Choctaw-Muskogee-Yamassee Nation, with Arapaho and Tarascan lineage. She is a Traditional Practitioner and the Founder and Executive Director of The Morning Star Foundation, based in Los Angeles, California. For 13 years, Morning Star has been committed to bring greater awareness about the Native/Indigenous Cultures, Traditions and Teachings of the world. Their primary service is to support and protect Traditional Elders, Women & Youth, Sacred Ceremony, Sacred Sites and Mother Earth. MSF has brought together a Native/Indigenous, International GrandMother & GrandFather Council, who share their Sacred Teachings and Ceremonies for greater Unity & Peace around the world. Presently, Clan Mother Rachelle is carrier of the Sacred Staff of Unity, which comes from the Maya Elders Council of El Salvador. The Sacred Staff has been traveling around the world since 2009, to bring healing and peace to everyone that meets it.